Jewelry Care

Many of our pieces are made of raw brass which is an extremely versatile metal that goes with anything and is very affordable. With time, brass will naturally darken, or patina, which we believe adds uniqueness to the piece. It is best to avoid wearing brass in the shower or wet climates and avoid leaving in the bathroom where there is humidity. We include a Sunshine Polishing Cloth with each purchase to help shine up your piece when needed. You can also shine up your piece using various safe and natural methods including vinegar, toothpaste, and making a lemon juice and baking soda paste. 

We also use 14K Gold Fill and Sterling Silver. Both polish up nicely with the Sunshine cloth and the Gold doesn't usually even need that. 

Please wear your pieces with care and use the rubber backs that come with the threaders. If a piece is damaged, we do offer jewelry repair. 

Chicago, IL, USA

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